Delicious Meats

From our Brazilian BBQ

Huge Salad Island

and Fish dishes

Tempting Desserts

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Includes 15 different cuts of BBQ meats and unlimited salad bar

Lunch (seated before 5pm)
Monday to Friday £15.95
Saturday & Sunday £18.95

Dinner (after 5pm)
Monday to Sunday £25.95


Lunch (seated before 5pm)
Includes 4 set meats and unlimited salad bar*
Monday to Friday £10.95

Dinner (after 5pm)
Includes 7 set meats and unlimited salad bar*
Monday to Thursday £17.95

*Especial option consists of one serving of each meat.
Tables of six people and over must all dine from the same menu.

Vegetarian £16.95
Includes oven roasted courgettes, filled with sweetcorn, green onion, black beans, tomatoes, cream cheese, yoghurt, spices and cilantro filling served with fried halloumi fries and drizzled in honey; and unlimited salad bar.

Fish £19.95
Includes roasted seabass fillets drizzled with lemon and basil oil, served with mini potato rosti, Mediterranean vegetables and unlimited salad bar.