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Make sure you save some space for one of our delicious desserts! We have a great selection of traditional Brazilian desserts along with some international favourites.
All desserts are £4.95 except Sundays, when they are complimentary for every diner.

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Cheesecake com papaia e maracujá - Papaya and passion fruit cheesecake

Panna cotta de coco com molho de goiaba - Coconut panna cotta with guava sauce

Creme de manga com liquor de melansia - Mango cream with Midori liqueuer

Torta de chocolate e avelã com amoras - Chocolate hazelnut tart with blackberries

Selecao de Sorvetes - Selection of ice-cream

Creme de Caramelo - Caramel pudding


All Dessert Cocktails are £6.95

Snickers - Bacardi Superior rum, Frangelico, Baileys, peanut butter and ice-cream

Chocolate Mudslide, Creme De Menthe, Creme De Cacao Brown, - chocolate ice-cream, Aero mint chocolate, double cream and whipped cream

Amaretto Rosa - Amaretto, Cherry Brandy, strawberry puree and strawberry syrup blended with vanilla ice-cream and topped with cream

Banoffee Beludo - Butterscotch Teichienne, banana, vodka and toffee sauce blended with vanilla ice-cream and topped with cream