Viva Brazil Churrascaria is an award winning, authentic, Brazilian style Steakhouse. The concept is simple, Viva Brazil gives you more –

more of everything…
food, service and atmosphere. 

The real Brazilian style dining experience begins once you are seated. Our troop of Passadors (Meat Carvers) move from table to table, offering over fifteen select cuts of Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken and Sausages, all slowly roasted over our charcoal barbeque and expertly carved at the table. You decide the pace of your meal with discs which are provided for each diner. One side is Green which signals to our Passadors that you would like more; and the other side is Red, which you can turn to when you have finished or simply wish to take a break. We won’t stop serving you meats until you tell us to!

To accompany the meats served to your table, visit our Salad Island which boasts over 20 different variations of freshly prepared salads, vegetables, cold meats, fruits, breads and sauces, as well as no fewer than 8 traditional hot Brazilian dishes for you to enjoy. At Viva Brazil, we don’t cook for large amounts of people, we prepare fresh food in smaller portions and when they are finished, we replace them with something new!

Your Brazilian experience would not be complete without one of our hard to resist Caipirinha cocktails - the national drink of Brazil, mixed together using only Cachaça rum, freshly squeezed limes and sugar. Or enjoy our versions of Caipirinha with different flavours mixed together.

We offer a large and varied wine list with the finest selection of over 100 wines from the Old and New Worlds. We have selected a number of Brazilian and Argentinian wines, which will complement your meal perfectly.

Join us for a dining experience that dates back hundreds of years to the time of the cowboys of Southern Brazil. Times may have changed, but we’re sure that our food, service and hospitality are just how they would have loved it!’’